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Aquaria (2023)

Solo Percussion
Ca. 7 min.
Commissioned by Oded Geizhals

Riverdaughter (2021)

Amplified Violoncello

Ca. 7-10 min.

Commissioned by Molly Aronson

Phoenix (2019)

Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Violin

Ca. 4 min.

Written for the TAK Ensemble

Songbird (2018)

String Quartet and Birdsong (Electronics)

Ca. 10 min.

Written for the JACK Quartet

Six Silver Rings of (((Aquamarine))) (2017)

Flute, Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Violoncello

Ca. 6-7 min.

Written for the Distractfold Ensemble

Ten Paths to the Rising Moon (2016)

Flute, Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Percussion

Ca. 7 min.

Written for Liminar

E la tua veste é bianca (2016)

Two Voices (or two equal groups of voices) 

Indeterminate Duration

Written for Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

Gravity (2014)

Solo Cello

Ca. 7-8 min.

Written for Séverine Ballon

Ritual (2014)

Theatrical Percussion Trio
Ca. 15-20 min.
Written for Verharren!

Langa (2014)

Wind Ensemble (32)

Ca. 12-13 min.
Written for the Purchase Symphonic Winds

Aux Imagistes (2013)

String Quintet
Ca. 7-8 min.
Written for the Purchase New Music Ensemble

Fragments of Sky (2012)

Solo Flute and Gongs

Ca. 8 min.

Written for Julie Yeaun Lee, Purchase New Music Ensemble

Convergent Boundaries (2022)

Percussion Trio and Electronics

Ca. 20-25 min.

Commissioned by the Novalis Music + Art Festival

Written for Line Upon Line Percussion

Chilnualna (2020)

Chamber Orchestra, Two Voices, Natural Sound

Ca. 20 min.

Written for Ensemble Dal Niente

Linguaglossa (2018)

Vocal Sextet, Narration, Film

Ca. 16 min.

Written for Ekmeles

(((Aquamarine))) (2017)

Solo Kingma System Flute with Glissando Headjoint, Seven recorded Flutes, Tape

Ca. 2 min.

Commissioned by Rachel Hacker

The Sephiroth Tree (2016)

String Quartet

Ca. 9-10 min.

Commissioned by the soundSCAPE festival for the Soma String Quartet

Aux Imagistes II: Wide Arc – Low in the Northern Sky (2016)

String Octet

Ca. 12-13 min.

Written for the JACK and Spektral Quartets

The Garden of Eden (2015)

Solo Voice

Ca. 3-4 min.

Written for Tony Arnold

Rain Spell (2014)

Soprano Saxophone, Percussion, Piano, Baroque Violin, Double Bass

Ca. 7-10 min.
Commissioned by the Brendan Faegre Edge Ensemble

Music for String Quartet (2014)

String Quartet
Ca. 5-6 min.
Commissioned by the Frontiers New Music Ensemble

Sette Illuminazioni (2013)

Clarinet Duet

Ca. 7-8 min.

Written for the Cortona Sessions for New Music

Broken Images (2012-13)

Soprano, Flute, Electric Guitar, Percussion

Ca. 25 min.

Written for the Purchase New Music Ensemble

Altercation (2011)

Flute Duet

Ca. 8-9 min.

Written for the Purchase New Music Ensemble

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